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Shakti Meditations & Healing with the Elements

$ 20.00

Shakti Meditations and Healing with the Elements  is a compilation of simple, powerful and effective practices handed down through the ages, that heal the mind and the heart. These practices include: Sankalpa, or the power of intention,Pranayama, the augmentation of the Prana of Life, healing the subconscious mind through sound vibration, using both Bija (seed) and name mantras, meditations with the subtle senses and visualization meditations.

Embark on a journey to the Inner Domain. Harmonize with the treasure that is your deepestShakti soul power.


Vinyasa Practice, Adv 1 hr 40 min

$ 19.95

Neva guides you through a level 2 /3 one hour and 40 minute practice to keep you connected while at home or traveling. Pay through paypal or

Or send a check for 19.95. to:

Inner Domain, PO Box 261, Cabin John, MD 20818.

Make sure you include your email so I can send you the file!

Love and light


The Inner Domain, A Yogis Home Practice

$ 20.00

Begin a home practice, guided by Neva and Inner Domain to soothing music. Design your own routine of length and intensity.

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