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Intro to Chakra Yoga

Learn how to clear blockages in the chakra system to access your ability to manifest your deepest core reality and highest potential.

Intro to Chakra Yoga

Date: TBA

Time: 2:00-4:00pm

Price: $40.oo EB by Monday January 8. $45.00 at the door

Place: Simon Says Yoga



Intro to Chakra Yoga


Yoga is a system that recognizes we are three bodies. A soul or causal body, an energy or astral body that consists of a subtle anatomy including the chakras, nadis or channels and Prana Shakti, the electrical life force (vidyut) and a physical body. It is through the energy body that the soul manifests and seeks to fulfill its purpose in life. Blockages in any dimension of our being affects the whole of our being. The soul level can be blocked when we don’t live from our core nature, the energy level can be blocked by emotions and the physical body can be blocked by either of the former as well as external toxins and pathogens. Join Neva for a journey through the chakras, and practice techniques of yoga to discover and release emotions that are impeding your access to your highest potential.



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