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Fusion/ Chakra Yoga

And in the end was my beginning. Each class will focus on a chakra, element, dosha and guna, intuitively unfolding from the day, season and students attending.

Fusion/ Chakra Yoga

Date: Sat, Mar 17th - Sat, Apr 14th, 2018

Time: 4:00-5:15pm

Price: $100 for the 5 class series or $25 drop in

Place: One Aum Wellness Center


Fusion (chakra)Yoga with Neva


Yoga is a multi dimensional Life force is expressed in the forces of the Gunas, as Tamas (body),  Rajas (spirit) and Sattva (mind) and Love (body), Life (spirit) and Light (mind).  It is also reflected in the higher expression of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss and Prana (energy), Tejas , (light) , and Ojas (nectar)



When a fusion of effort and awareness occurs through these three dimensions of life, a window opens to the Inner Domain and hidden treasure of our authentic core nature. This is the Holy Grail, the fountain of Youth. It is a spiral process. Once attained, a new journey begins, deeper, and more profound.

The journey

Mar 17

Go down and in to feel what is the reality of now and take inventory of what is to be released and what is to be held. Earth, restorative yoga, Yin yoga, feldenkrais.. EARTH, Muladhara.

Mar 24

Release, letting go, surrender. Access that which is to be birthed or ressureected.

Finding and riding the wave, fluid vinyasa, circular vinyasa, hip opening. WATER, Svadhisthana.

Mar 31

Purify, activate, strengthen, empower,  Core integration, bandhas, dancing warriors, courage inducing upside down asanas and back bending into the unknown. FIRE, Manipura. Surrender again into creative chaos for further purification. Tantric trance dance, fused with yoga and Qi Gong. FIRE Manipura.

April 7

Find balance in inner stillness and sthira sukham. Softness that feeds strength and strength that supports softness in all Yoga techniques.  Open the heart for Self Expression and courage to manifest. AIR, Anahata.

April 14

Manifest individual expression of the creative matrix. A fusion of energies and qualities held in sacred balance to access inner truth, authenticity and stillness.

ETHER, Visuddha, LIGHT, Ajna.

5 workshops,

4:00-5:15pm 1hr 15 hours each.  

100.00 for the series or 25.00 drop in


All levels welcome, but yoga experience recommended.

Continuing education credits with YA.


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